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I’m Kellan. I was born on 29 November (hence the name) in a large city in the southern United States. I’m in my late thirties, I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and my hilariously funny and smart teenage son. I like to spend time with my family, read, write, look at embarrassing celeb gossip websites, watch loads of ridiculous reality TV, and tune the world out with the music on my iPhone. I’m a pretty eclectic soul–I read and listen to pretty much anything from current bestsellers to hip hop, Nine Inch Nails to memoirs, classic novels to transgressive fiction, and Beethoven. I love watching Jeopardy! and nature documentaries. I adore owls, coffee, 80’s music, Japanese food, the color green, and the euphoria of screaming at the TV during NBA games.

I’ve been on the internet since 2001 in various forms–Tumblr, Livejournal, etc. I’ve also owned my own domain several times, only to watch my websites die from neglect or from the obligations of motherhood. This project came into being due to my love for reading and my incessant need to find other like-minded people to talk about it with. I’ve been writing fiction and poetry since I was 7 and writing book reviews for about 6 years now. I suppose that another reason for starting a web site about the books I read is my way of processing its contents and pondering their meaning. Reading literature, I figure, is all about uncovering some hidden thing that you didn’t know before.

My personal challenge of the moment is to just go with the flow of this thing and see what happens. While I intend to delve deep into my reading shelf, you may see an occasional post not related to books at all but about how my life is going at the moment. Don’t be disappointed. This website doesn’t follow any particular rule, other than remaining focused on making sure this thing actually gets updated for the time being.

Love, Kellan