Review Requests

I’ve recently decided to begin taking review requests. If you are an author (independent or otherwise) and you would like me to review your novel, I will be glad to. I use a 5 star rating system, and I will give you a well-written review of my honest thoughts on your book. I accept no financial reward for writing my reviews, other than the fact that I love the opportunity to read. I have an extensive academic background in literature, I pay careful attention to detail. For that reason my reviews do tend to lean toward critical analysis (plot, themes, characters, motifs) because that’s the kind of reader that I am. :p

I will only read and review books that truly interest me, because to do differently is to do a disservice to me as a reviewer and to you as an author. I do have a Kindle, so I prefer to accept .mobi files on my device. I will, however, also accept ARCs and print copies. Due to personal time constraints and other factors, I retain the right to refuse any review request at any time.

Genres that I read and enjoy include: literary fiction, historical fiction, graphic novels, YA, children’s, middle grade interest, thriller/suspense, horror, science fiction, fantasy, short story collections, mysteries

Genres I don’t prefer to review (sorry!): romance, “chick” lit, fan fiction, nonfiction

If you’d like for me to review your novel, please give a brief synopsis along with your query and contact me at