A kinda sorta update post.

Pardon me for my lack of updates lately, I’ve been a bit bogged down with preparing to start my Ph.D. program next week. I’ll be going full time, so there last minute class preps, contacts to make, professors to track down, and materials to buy. I even have to buy a parking permit. I’ll be lucky if I have two nickels to rub together by next Monday.

Realistically I am not sure how much time I will have to update this site when school starts. I know that my pleasure reading time will ultimately dwindle down to a trickle, as most of the time I’ll be highlighting and pouring over required course readings and such. It is a good thing I write a lot when I do read, as I have several dozen folders of reviews for books I’ve previously read already written in my cloud drive. So if you look to the left and the “Currently Reading” widget from Goodreads doesn’t match the last, say, five reviews I’ve given, you know why.

This is all not to say that I no longer care about this site (I do!), that I won’t honor review requests (I will!), or that I don’t appreciate the mounds of support that I already get from you guys who regularly read this site. Just know that the pace of things may change a bit around here. Please please please bear with me. Your patience is appreciated. 😉

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