Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When I first started this site I wanted to combine my two favorite things–reading books and writing about books. Little did I know that so many of you would be reading along and following my adventures along the way. I know it seems rather odd to be saying this to all several hundreds of my readers and followers at this point in the game nearly a year and a half later, but…thank you.

You see, I had already done the personal blogging thing in previous years (you know, being all angst-y) and no longer had the desire to publicly share private info about myself. I had been looking starting into a themed blog for years, only to completely falter and lose myself in the pretty-ness of Tumblr.

(In another note: Sorry, but NO a writer cannot ‘blog’ on Tumblr. You can post pics and re-post cute stuff and follow people to get a daily feed of nice pics, but c’mon, you gotta use your words to actually write something to call yourself a writer with a blog. I am not minimizing photography as a medium, but I doubt many photogs call themselves ‘writers’ unless they are putting together pictures and words in a meaningful way. Tumblr is ultimately a picture site. That’s why I don’t allow people to reblog my entries here. You can like me or comment–but a reblog on WordPress? On a site that I pay for? These are the words of my heart, b. HELL to the NO!)

But anyway…before I lose myself in semi-hate filled rants….this is a note of thanks to you guys. I know I don’t say much about this, but I am actually a social person (gasp!) and I am going to start following you guys back. I don’t do a links page because, well, let’s face it, nobody looks at those things…but I do check out many of your sites and I love what you are doing. I’d also like to look into giveaways and other fun stuff and increasing my social media presence, but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, I love you all to pieces!

Here’s to a beautiful 2016!


Kellan S.


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