It’s official!

Totally non-book related, y’all…

Last week I graduated from my doctoral program. My Ph.D. is in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in reading and literacy. My dissertation focused on Black girls and critical texts and ways to bridge cultural experiences with instruction to benefit Black girls. Overall, it took my 4.5 years to finish my program, with a year and a half spent writing my dissertation.

I would very much like to stay in higher ed, teaching and researching on the college level. I told you I’d share some pics from my graduation, so here’s a few:

4 thoughts on “It’s official!”

  1. Congratulations! Wild happy dances for you, Kellen! What a great dissertation, too. I keep seeing more and more news stories about how black girls are unfairly negatively treated in school, getting in trouble for things that white children do not. You’re going to be a power house. What’s the next step for you? Will you work in public ed?

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! The next step is the higher ed job market for a tenure-track professor position. Public or private doesn’t matter, though I do prefer somewhere where I can get a blend of teaching and research responsibilities, because I want to continue my work with Black girls and literacy. 🙂


      1. Nice. It’s a tricky road because so many colleges really lean one way or the other. From what I’ve heard about Wayne State in Detroit, it might be a good fit. They have some amazing professors there whom I’ve met through various events.

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